RN take over from 007

Picture the scene – the NFF office in Castaway House, the whole team (all four of us – Jackie, Kate, Sarah and I) gathered together for a brainstorming session. The topic – the next edition of Homeport and in particular the front cover. We found that the James Bond Winter cover was one we were going to struggle to top, so the thoughts started to fly, mostly revolving around Spring. Nothing seemed to quite work until a shout went up from Kate “What about a photo of the RN Rugby Team with us?” (she did add “looking muddy” but I ignored that). I put my thinking cap on and emailed Bob Gray who happened to be marooned at sea at the time. He very kindly started the ball rolling and within 24 hours Andy Basson was on the phone with a very positive can do approach to the front cover shoot. We looked at the diary and planned a meeting with the Under-23 squad at Fort Blockhouse. In order to soften the blow of these young chaps having to endure a photo session with a group of women, we took along krispy kreme doughnuts! The team were quite simply magnificent: they threw themselves into the project and a lot of laughter, comment and interesting facial expressions and hand gestures followed! Unfortunately the shots weren’t quite what we were all looking for, mainly because the ball refused to stay in the position we wanted it to be in, and so a second session had to be arranged (unfortunately minus Jackie who was in London for a meeting). So that is how I found myself kneeling on the rugby pitch at Fort Blockhouse, with Sarah and Kate doing acrobatics behind me! The experience - unforgettable! The team - magnificent! And Andy, well he joins our list of heroes! So I say - bring on the Army! Good luck to the team in May, we will be in the stands cheering you on! To see the latest copy of homeport featuring the team go to www.nff.org.uk