RN Mariners aim for 2012 Inter Service victory over Army Masters

The Royal Navy Mariners on Saturday will find themselves in the same position as last year, having dispatched a difficult opponent in the RAF the only team who could stop them from claiming the Inter Service Trophy was the Army Masters. It was a difficult day as the Mariners did everything that there Head Coach Lt (Mick) Connelly asked of them. However, it was not enough as the Masters ran out winners 22-9.

This week's game alongside that of the RN Women and the Senior XV will be the first time in Navy Rugby history that all 3 teams have won against the RAF and sets up a fantastic day of rugby for all spectators.

RN Mariners Squad  

1. WO Hillan (Navy Command)

2. Lt Cdr Rickard RN (HMS Raleigh)

3. CPO Cowie (RNAS Yeovilton)

4. WO Watkins (FOST)

5. Lt Riley RN (RNAS Yeovilton)

6. CSgt Ash (CTCRM)

7. CSgt Rees (40 Cdo RM) (Capt)

8. CSgt Clark (DST Leconsfield)

9. LH Jenkins (NBC Clyde)

10. Lt Clark RN (BRNC Dartmouth)

11. CSgt Smith

12. Lt Brock RN (FOST)

13. Lt Cdr Evans RN (HMS York)

14. CSgt Clarke (CTCRM)

15. Cpl Satala

16. Lt Cdr Holdroyd

17. L(D) Cartwright (SDU1)

18. CPO Harding (HMS Sultan)

19. CPO Bastow (DES Abbeywood)

20. CSgt Fellows (30 Cdo RM)

21. Lt Cdr Shaw (HMS Raleigh)

22. Lt Cdr Cox