Mariners looking to be the Masters against the Army

The Royal Navy Mariners kick off the Army v Navy festivities this weekend with their fixture against the Army Masters in Aldershot on Friday

The Mariners were unlucky to slip to defeat against the RAF earlier this month, condemned to a loss with the last kick of the match, however they still stand a chance of winning Inter Services if they can overcome their old rivals in red at Aldershot.

The team has been forced into a number of changes, most notably at Fly Half where the experienced and capped Lt Dane Smallbone has been replaced by Cpl Jeremy Parsons due to an injury sustained against the RAF. The Navy must win by more than 5 points to win the Inter Services out right.

The match will be played in Aldershot at 14:00 on Friday 28th April and entrance is free.

Line up

1 POET Andrew John (HMS Nelson)
2 POET Rhys Bingham (HMS Dauntless)
3 PO Peter Kewn (MCSU)
4 PO Kieran Heffernan (HMS Forward)
5 POAET John Lamsin (RNAS Culdrose)
6 PO Joji Volaisaya (HMS Queen Elizbeth)
7 CSGT Oliver James (846 NAS)
8 CSGT Veresa Valemei (45 Cdo)
9 CPO Ryan Cox (846 NAS)
10 CPL Jeremy Parsons (MAB)
11 LAET Colin Campbell (814 NAS)
12 PO Phil Parsell (GIB)
13 SGT Val Valender (DHU)
14 NA Duncan Fraser (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
15 LAET Paul Saberton (RNAS Culdrose) (c)

16 LH Chris Ellor (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
17 POAET Peter Erne (HMS Sultan)
18 CPO Chris Thompson (1710 NAS)
19 LT Cdr Barry Richardson (NSC)
20 POET Kali Junior (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
21 POET Chris Hart (HMS Prince of Wales)
22 PO Kevin Lewis (RNPHQ(W))
23 AB Peleki Sadole (HMS Queen Elizabeth)