Last Warm Up Fixture for Seniors

Both the Royal Navy Senior teams play their last warm up fixture tonight before taking to Twickenham turf.

With one eye on the Army v Navy fixture every player will be aware that tonight is the last chance to show off what they can do and to try anything new.

With the historic first Women's Inter Service fixture to be played in the Twickenham Stadium next week the Navy Women will head up the A3 to Guildford Rugby Club for a 1945 KO against Guildford Ladies as their final preparation. Head coach Lieutenant Commander Charlie Fredrickson said "As the penultimate game in the 2021/22 season this is an important one for the RNRU(W). It will allow us to build on the progress made against the RAF and refine the game plan ahead of facing the Army next week. It is also the last opportunity for the players to stake their claim to a shirt for Twickenham and as Guildford are a testing opposition it makes for an exciting encounter. "

The men on the other hand will keep things familiar. Having trained all season at the home of 40 Commando near Taunton they will not travel far to repeat their season opener against Taunton RFC at Veritas Park for a 1930 Kick Off.

Line Ups

Women Men
1 Lt Cdr Katie Ives 1 LAET Kye Beasley
2 AB Heather Addison-Prout 2 LPT Ben Priddey
3 AET Lucy Honeybell 3 LA(AH) Ben Watson
4 Lt Sammi Smale RN 4 LS(HM) John Kirwan
5 LA Yvonne Mealy 5 Cpl Ed Pascoe
6 SLt Emily Howard 6 MNE Toby Papp
7 ET Elona Bythell 7 Lt Jarrard Hayler RM (C)
8 MA Megan Musgrave 8 MNE Rory Mitchell
9 SLt Rhian Perry 9 LAET Sam Carter
10 Lt Cheryl Goodwin RN 10 AET Dan Rutter
11 Mid Emma Tegan Morley 11 POAET Ben Chambers
12 Surg Lt Cdr Emma Maxwell 12 MNE Seta Raumakita
13 LPT Suz Badger 13 AB (SEA) Jesse Lowe
14 CPO Billie Staite 14 AET Jerome Rudder
15 LH Rose Dixon (C) 15 MNE Craig Duncan
16 SLt Rebecca Addis 16 LET(ME) Richie Ives
17 Mid Rosie Staples 17 LAET Chris Warner
18 PO Emily Park 18 AET Connor Bick
19 PO Anne-Marie McIntyre 19 AB(D) Gav Hughan
20 LAET Abi Sondack 20 Lt Mitchell Spencer RN
21 SLt Abi Pearce 21 PO SET Ash Wakefield
22 AET Chloe Sopp 22 AB Gar Rees
23 ET Sian McLaughlin 23 MNE Alex Petersen
  24 AET Jordan Gott
  25 Lt Rory O’Brien RM
  26 LCpl Kai Baker
  27 AB Jake Hanley