It's back! Army v Navy 2022

The wait is over, it's back! Army v Navy is nearly upon us and Twickenham will be rocking with Dark Blue supporters in only a matter of days.

The weekend cluminates with a historic first clash of the Women upon Twickenham turf bit it is preceeded by two more tasty match ups. Kicking off the festivities are the veteran players of both services going at each other in Aldershot on Friday and then at 2pm on Saturday the Stadium will roar as the Navy Men take to the pitch to try and retake the Inter Services title from the Army.

The Royal Navy Rugby Union Director of Rugby, Commander Rob O'Kane, was practically overflowing with emotion, not least because it has been a 2 year wait for him to see his team's battle the Army for the first time. Rob said, “If you want pride and passion, and an understanding of what it means to serve, then you need look no further than one of the 3 Inter-Service matches over the coming days. No matter whether you are Navy Blue or Army Red, a supporter, coach or player, this weekend is really very special. To be part of it is a real honour, and I know that all of the RN players will play in the finest traditions of our Service, with ‘hearts of oak’"

Some tickets are still available for the first clash of the decade and the atmosphere promises to be as great as ever.

Line Ups

Men Women
1 LAET Kye Beasley (HMS Sultan) 1 Mid Rosie Staples (HMS King Alfred)
2 LPT Ben Priddey (RNAS Culdrose) 2 SLt Rebecca Addis (HMS Westminster)
3 LA(AH) Ben Watson (1700 NAS) 3 AET Lucy Honeybell (HMS Queen Elizabeth)
4 LS(HM) John Kirwan (MIXG) 4 PO Anne-Marie McIntyre (FOST)
5 Cpl Ed Pascoe (RM Band, CTCRM) 5 LAET Abi Sondack (NCHQ)
6 Lt Mitchell Spencer RN (MOD Abbey Wood) 6 ET Elona Bythell (HMS Prince of Wales)
7 Lt Jarrard Hayler RM (CTCRM) (C) 7 MA Megan Musgrave (PSG Portsmouth)
8 Logs(SC) Sam Matavesi (RNAS Culdrose) 8 NA Jessica Bryan (RNAS Yeovilton)
9 AB Gar Rees (Swansea AFCO) 9 SLt Rhian Perry (HMS Seahawk)
10 AET Jordan Gott (846 NAS) 10 PO Sam Alderson (HMS Raleigh)
11 POAET Ben Chambers (846 NAS) 11 ET Sian McLaughlin (HMS Prince of Wales)
12 MNE Seta Raumakita (42 Cdo) 12 LPT Suz Badger (HMS Sultan)
13 AB(SEA) Jesse Lowe (HMNB Devonport) 13 LH Rose Dixon (Imjin Barracks) (C)
14 Surg Lt Henry Hughes (INM, Alverstoke) 14 Lt Emma Morley (HMS Richmond)
15 MNE Craig Duncan (30 Cdo) 15 AET Chloe Sopp (RNAS Yeovilton)
16 LET(ME) Richie Ives (HMS Sultan) 16 Lt Cdr Katie Ives (MOD Abbey Wood)
17 LAET Chris Warner (824 NAS) 17 ET Heather Addison-Prout (HMS Sultan)
18 MNE Toby Papp (CLR) 18 PO Emily Park (PSG Plymouth)
19 MNE Rory Mitchell (40 Cdo) 19 Lt Sammi Smale RN (HMS Smiter)
20 AB(D) Gav Hughan (TDG) 20 SLt Emily Howard (HMS Diamond)
21 MNE Alex Peterson (40 Cdo) 21 Lt Olivia Critchley-Peddle RN (Wildcat DT)
22 AET Dan Rutter (RNAS Culdrose) 22 CPO Billi Staite (RCDM Birmingham)
23 AET Jerome Rudder (1710 NAS) 23 Lt Abi Ashby RN (846 NAS)