First VIIs Tournament for RN Women

The Bournemouth 7’s gave the RN(Women) an opportunity to try their hand at a different variety of rugby. Having never played 7’s before it was an experience that those who were to participate thoroughly looked forward to. Following some valuable coaching sessions from the RN Sharks Coach Steve Wrigglesworth, the RN(Women) tentatively took to the pitch for their first pool match against Old Oakmeadians Ladies RFC. The pace and dynamics of the match caught the RN ladies off guard, and as a result they were on the back foot and failed to score, while the opposition successfully scored on several occasions. Despite this initial set-back, the squad re-grouped and discussed where the errors had been made, and how they were going to rectify this and adapt their style of play for the second match, which was against the Mighty Duckes. The RN(W) quickly settled into this second match, and their performance was a much improved one, the final score was a close one in which the RN narrowly escaped victory, despite scoring on more than one occasion and holding up a couple of tries to prevent the opposition from running away with the score. The third match of the day saw the RN(W) beat Newbury Bluebirds RFC (12-5), and as a result they were through to the knock-out stage the following day. The following day sadly saw Supermarine RFC knock the RN(W) out of the competition. Despite this the weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by the RN(W) who are now keen to participate in more 7’s tournaments in the future. The RN(W) played well and learnt a lot with regard to the style and approach required for sevens, the squad welcomed a new player ABCIS Adele Bath who is keen to continue playing Rugby Union for the RN, having already tried her hand at Rugby League. The squad was strongly captained throughout the weekend by Lt Charlie Fredrickson, and patched up by physio Wilma Boyington. The RN(W) tried several different options on the pitch. Initially they stuck with their tried and tested method of maulling the ball up the pitch, although it worked, they soon realised that quick hands keeping the ball alive was a far less tiring option!! RN(W) Squad. Lt Charlie Fredrickson PO Zoe Beer LS Mamie Battersby LS Emma Swinton NA Claire Hopkins PAC Emily Park PAC Nicky Dent AB Sarah Simms AB Sam Alderson AB Adele Bath AB Charlie Lewis Team manager – CPO Helen Edwards Physio – Ms Wilma Boyington