Cowboy's Citing Upheld

At a recent RNRU Disciplinary Hearing the panel upheld the primary issue from the ARU's citing of Navy U23 Captain, POET Wayne 'Cowboy' John. The panel, chaired by RNRU's Disciplinary Officer, Cdr Stuart Crozier, did not however feel a playing ban was warranted but have issued Cowboy with a formal caution to make him aware of the potential for serious injury from dangerous tackles and to remind him of his responsibilities as a player. Commenting on the hearing judgement Navy Director of Rugby, Lt Cdr Geraint Ashton Jones said, "The hearing was very fair and thorough. Cowboy had already accepted that he had committed a dangerous tackle although not intentionally so. That such play could have resulted in a nasty injury serves as a valuable reminder to all players that they have a responsibility to one another when on the field to ensure that they do not put each other at unnecessary risk of injury. I am sure Cowboy has learnt a valuable lesson from this episode but equally I look forward to him continuing to contribute on the field in his usual 100% committed manor."