13 September 2023

Application for Royal Navy Rugby Union Women Retrospective Cap

"I am absolutely delighted to see the Royal Navy Rugby Union pushing ahead with the recognition of past achievements by presenting our pioneering women rugby players with their well-deserved caps. These remarkable athletes have left an indelible mark on the sport and have paved the way for future generations. It's a testament to their dedication and passion that we are now honouring them in this way, ensuring their contributions are forever celebrated and remembered within our rugby family. We now need you to delve into your records and get back to us with the details of your playing career and to spread the word to your teammates."

- Commander Kirsty Marlor

The eligibility criteria is: 

  1. Have represented* the RNRU Women at the Inter Services Competition from IS2003 or have represented* the RNRU Women against the Marine Nationale from 2015. 
  2. Have not already been awarded a cap via pre-existing criteria.  

Note*:  To be classified as having “represented” the RNRU(W), a player must have played during the match.  Being a named substitute within the declared team sheet but not subsequently used during the game does not qualify for a cap. 

Details required:

  • Full name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Date of first RNRU Women's cap.
  • Detail of qualifying matches played in and in what position.
  • Any other comments.
Emailed responses to: info@navyrugbyunion.co.uk  

Images by Alligin UK