Friendly Rivalry with Bahrain Golden Oldies Unabated

04 April 2023

19:00 @ Bahrain RFC

Navy Rugby Bahrain


Bahrain RFC

The friendly rivalry between the Golden Oldies and the RN Bahrain Team continues apace; on Friday 31 March 23 the RN were hosted by the Golden Oldies as they battled it out in a fierce 15-a-side contest. The rivalry between the Golden Oldies and the RN has always been there recently has been simmering since the RN dominated the February 10’s tournament!

Ships and personnel have been delivering support to the Gulf region due to the high operational tempo, so it has been a tough time for the team manager to collate a team. Perseverance was key and fortunately a 20-man team attended the rematch.

The diverse team were brought together from several units including: UKMCC, HMS Middleton, HMS Bangor and RFA Cardigan Bay. The RN team recruited the same old faces and several newcomers on the bench. Having won the 10s tournament under Captain Paddy Dowds it was clear from the start that the skipper wanted to harness his team’s ability and continue his winning streak. The fixture started with a very tense first 15 minutes with some heavy tackles going in from both sides. The smaller agile RN team manged to take the lead, with 2 tries and 2 conversions however, the less agile but more experienced GOs started their come back. It was clear they wanted revenge; the GOs showcased their ability keeping the ball deep in the RN backyard and just before half time the Golden Oldies brought the score to 21 – 14.

The second half got under way with no great difference between the score line. The Navy however, showcased their ability and fitness by scoring a number of tries in the second half. Paddy Dowds captain scoring 2 tries followed by tries from fellow teammates Will, Atkinson, Lt Scott, Mne Boyt and Lt Rose. Another great battle between 2 great teams and the final score RN 41 – GO 14.

POPT Stocker said, “Winning is of course a bonus however, the comradery, friendship and time for sport is fantastic, it gives the lads time to unwind and let loose on the pitch. A fantastic start so far in Bahrain and we look to continue the winning journey, our next fixture will be an end of season 10’s midnight competition in May.