UK Armed Forces RU Media Account Managers

1. The two positions of UKAF Rugby Union (UKAFRU) Men’s & Women’s Media Account Manager are available now. The closing date for applications is the 20th April 2018.

2. The successful applicants will work with the Media Coordinator UKAFRU with duties including the following:

  1. Delivering relevant and appropriate media sources (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) in support of the UKAFRU matches (Men’s U23 @ Twickenham, Men’s Remembrance Match, Women’s Remembrance Match).
  2. Work with sponsors and beneficiaries (eg RBL) to ensure that their brands are effectively recognised alongside the UKAFRU brand.
  3. Ensuring media accounts are regularly updated to promote the UKAFRU brand and to support efforts by RNRU, ARU and RAFRU to maximise positive publicity for Services Rugby.
  4. Linking with Team Managers to ensure that individual players get suitable recognition on both social media and local and national press.
  5. Broadcasting live social media feeds (from pitch-side/stands) whenever teams are playing.

3. These posts are open to serving Service Personnel (Regular, Reserve, FTRS) who should be able to commit to the role for a minimum of 2 years.


Katie Sharman | Sqn Ldr | UK Armed Forces Rugby Union Secretary | | Mil: 95221 7295 | Civ: (+44) 01494 497295 | Personal: 07859 074225