RNRU Annual Dinner & Ball - PAS Boat Travel

A PAS boat service will operate between Portsmouth and Gosport to assist guests in getting to and from the venue. If you and/or your guest will be utilising the PAS boat and you have not already informed us within your RSVP, please can you email us at info@navyrugbyunion.co.uk to let us know.

Boat timings: Outbound (from Portsmouth to Gosport - 18:30) / Return (from Gosport to Portsmouth - 01:00)

The outbound journey will depart from the Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth. The PAS boat will be docked just behind HMS Warrier which is situated on your left a few metres from the Victory Gate entrance.
PLEASE NOTE: Photographic ID (e.g. passport or driving licence) will be required to access the Dockyard.

The venue for the Annual Dinner & Ball is the Wardroom within Fort Blockhouse, please note that it is approximately a 10 minute walk to the venue from the drop-off point at the Fort Blockhouse jetty. For the return journey, please ensure you allow enough time to walk to the jetty for the pick up time, allowing a little extra time for boarding.