The Royal Navy will take on the old enemy in the annual Royal Navy v Marine Nationale rugby match at Burnaby Road on Wed 3 Apr 13, Kick-Off 6pm. 

Always hotly contested and never a backward step taken by either side, this year is likely to be as fierce as it has been in the past.  The French will want to take a win away from the UK for the first time in the game's history and the Royal Navy will be desperate to reverse last year's defeat in Toulon.  

The Royal Navy team have had a successful build up throughout February and March and are looking forward to the first capped game of the year.  The starting line-up consists of 3 new ‘caps', with 3 more on the bench looking to make an impact as well as collect their first cap for the Navy.  

Director of Rugby, Cdr Andy Kellett commented ‘We have had some difficult decisions to make in selection but we have the strongest team out available to take on the French.  The 3 new caps will have to settle quickly into what has always been a cauldron against the French and I expect them to face the challenge and deliver a result for the Royal Navy to set us up for the remaining fixture in April and in particular the Inter-Service 2013 Championship'

One of the new caps is Mne (Dom) Taylor (42 Cdo RM).  Dom played for the U23s last season and was pulled through to the Senior team after excellent displays and was unlucky not to be selected in the back row last year.

Dom said of his selection ‘It is an honour to be getting my first full Senior cap against Marine Nationale, I am really looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to get started'.

RN Senior XV Squad:

1NA (AH) K Mason* ** +HMNB Devonport
2LNA (AHB Priddey* **RNAS Culdrose
3Sgt RMG Evans* **HMS President
4AETJ LamsinRNAS Culdrose
5POAETM Cormack* **854 NAS 
6MneD Taylor42 Cdo RM
7MAS Laird*RAF Henlow
8LET (WESM)I Cooper*HMS Collingwood
9POET D Pascoe* **RNAS Culdrose
10MneN Huntley*30 Cdo IX Gp
11MneJ Marlin* **42 Cdo RM
12ET (ME)D Sleeman* **HMS Raleigh
13MneM Tichias42 Cdo RM
14MneJ Foster*40 Cdo RM
15AETJ Humphrey*RNAS Culdrose
16NA (AH)K Beasley*RNAS Culdrose 
17MneJ TerryRM Poole 
18CPOAETC ThompsonHMS Sultan 
19MneB Fox*42 Cdo RM
20MneS Raumakita*42 Cdo RM
21LogsS Buinimasi*HMNB Devonport
22MneG WellingASG RM
23POAETJ Court*RNAS Culdrose
24MneK Wood42 Cdo RM

Denotes Capped:

*           Royal Navy

**         Combined Services

+          International


Earlier the RN (W) will play their French counterparts, MN (F), Kick-Off 1.45 pm.  This will be the third contest, although the first game in Devonport was a 12-a-side match between the sides and the RN (W) will be looking to make a strong challenge against a French team that has international players amongst its ranks. 

The RN (W) have had a mixed season but overall have developed well as a team.  There are a lot of new faces in the Squad hoping to impress head coach, Lt Dominic "Bali" Salisbury in order to gain selection for the Inter Services team. 

The French are always a difficult opposition but Navy Women have worked hard to improve their set pieces as well as their overall tactical awareness and look forward to the forthcoming battle. 

Chair of RN (W) Lt Cdr Kirsty Marlor said ‘I have been really proud of the performances that the Ladies have put in so far this season.  I know that the French Navy will be a tough opposition but I am confident that the RN (W) will give everything in order to get a victory'. 

RN Women Squad:

1.   LAET Pam Williams * - 702 Sqn, RNAS Yeovilton.
2.   LAC Emily Park - HMS Collingwood.
3.   AET Lisa Christie - 702 Sqn, RNAS Yeovilton.
4.   NA(AH) Caroline Penrose - RNSFDO, RNAS Culdrose.
5.   AET Kate Broadbere - 848 Sqn, RNAS Yeovilton.
6.   PO Zoe Beer - RAF Digby.
7.   SLT Helen Stevenson - HMS Collingwood.
8.   AB(WS) Stacey Hargrave - HMS St Albans.
9.   MID Olivia Chrichley - DTUS Trojan Sqn.
10.  PO Sarah Jenkins *  ** - HMS Collingwood.
11.  LT CDR Kirsty Marlor - RAF Cosford.
12.  LT Charlotte Fredrickson (Capt) * ** - COMUKTG, RM Stonehouse.
13.  LLOGS Loz Morton * - HMS Nelson.
14.  LT Caroline Oakes - 854 Sqn, RNAS Culdrose.
15.  PO Emma Swinton * - HMS Collingwood.
16.  AET Kim Briggs - 848 Sqn, RNAS Yeovilton.
17.  OC Aimee Saddler - BRNC Dartmouth.
18.  NN Alice Kightley - DSHE Birmingham.
19.  SLT Katie Ives - HMS Collingwood.
20.  LPT Andrea Marshall - HMS Nelson.
21.  AB Fiesha Greene * - HMS Illustrious.
22.  AB Sam Alderson - HMS Scott.
23.  AB Rebecca Deacon - HMS Nelson.

Denotes Capped:

*           Royal Navy
**         Combined Services

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Don't forget to get your tickets for the game on the season Army v Royal Navy on Sat 27 Apr Kick- Off 3pm