RNRU Vacancy – Director Of Community Rugby

The Royal Navy Rugby Union is seeking a suitably experienced candidate to fill the post of Director of Community Rugby in late 2016. This is a voluntary and unremunerated role and the successful candidate would ideally commit for a period of 2 to 3 years.

The RNRU, as well as being a part of the Royal Navy, is a Constituent Body (CB) of the Rugby Football Union (RFU), a limited company and registered charity. It is, therefore, charged with the management, administration and development of the game of Rugby Union within the RN, in accordance with Service regulations and traditions, as well as in compliance with the requirements of the RFU and regulatory framework for charities.

Our Vision is: To be fun, relevant and successful, inspiring players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators to enjoy rugby at all levels from mess deck to international, wherever the RN goes, reflecting all that is best in the Service.

RNRU Strategy
The strategy of the RNRU is founded in the recognition and identification of our many, and varied, stakeholders including (but not limited to): The Naval Service; The Charity Commission; Companies House; Member Clubs; The Rugby Football Union (RFU); Sponsors. The RNRU’s Executive Committee is responsible for day-to-day management of all RNRU activity to deliver this strategy and to provide a broad effort on behalf of those stakeholders. In particular, this has led to a gradual shift of emphasis away from a focus on representative rugby (whilst seeking to maintain our hard-earned reputation for success), with greater investment in promoting participation and enjoyment of rugby across the Naval Service.

RN Community Rugby
Community Rugby in the RN encompasses all those personnel of the Naval Service (RN and RM) who play, coach, officiate or support the sport in their capacity as members of the Service, other than those playing at the representative levels of RN (Senior XV, Sharks, U23s, Mariners and Women’s XV) and UK Armed Forces.

The “grass roots” of rugby in the RN, is at the heart of the RNRU Vision: through our support for the Physical Development agenda of the RN; through our member clubs; and through our coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators, we seek to develop, broaden, and strengthen participation in the sport of Rugby Union in the Naval Service.

At the same time, rugby is a tool that the RN can use to positive effect in developing and building relationships with the communities with which we engage: be they those around permanent RN bases/establishments, or those with whom we enjoy interaction whilst deployed.

RNRU Director of Community Rugby

The role:
- A voting member of the RNRU Executive Committee.
- Responsible for the co-ordination of grass roots structures through leadership of the Community Rugby Committee.
- Work with the Chairman and/or representatives of Devonport Services RFC and United Services Portsmouth RFC to aid club development.
- Responsible for management of the RNRU Rugby Development Officer (RDO), in his/her capacity as Deputy Director of Community Rugby.
- Responsible for management of the RNRU Community Rugby Coaches employed in the Eastern and Western regions.
- Responsible for the management of the RNRU President’s XV.
- Responsible for the programming, co-ordination and staging of all RNRU community competitions, leagues and tournaments.
- Responsible for the provision of appropriate structures and opportunities to support and develop players, coaches, officials and other staff, to be the best they can be, in full recognition that Community Rugby is the breeding-ground for RN representative rugby.
- Facilitate and encourage opportunities for players, coaches, officials and spectators that will ignite and sustain an individual’s curiosity, desire and passion for rugby.
- Recognise and reward each individual’s contribution to RN rugby.
- Accountable for financial control across the Community arena in order to conduct its activities in an efficient manner and in meeting the Union’s financial goals, performance and budgets.

The person:
- A background and passion for rugby is essential.
- Able to commit to Navy Rugby, and capable of supporting the RNRU through successful performance of the role of Director of Community Rugby.
- Ideally, but not exclusively, a serving member of the RN (including RM) or the RNR/RMR.
- Knowledge of the sporting landscape within the Royal Navy is an advantage as will be an experience of working with or in a sports club, preferably in a rugby environment.
- Able to lead the delivery of a co-ordinated programme of grass roots rugby activity and development that is consistent with the requirements of the Service and coherent with the strategy of the RFU and RNRU for broadening participation in the game.
- Willing and able to liaise widely across the Naval Service (in person as well as by other means) in pursuit of the Community Rugby agenda.
- Excellent communications skills, both written and oral.
- Personable and able to represent the RNRU in engagement with stakeholders.

The selection process
- Closing date for applications is Friday 30 September 2016.
- Applications should be made in writing, via email, to The Secretary, Royal Navy Rugby Union, HMS TEMERAIRE, Burnaby Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2HB. Email address to be used is NAVYNBCD-RNRUSEC@mod.uk.
- Applications should include sufficient detail to explain an individual’s suitability for the role and how they intend to meet the breadth of tasks outlined above (CVs and covering letters are encouraged).
- Written applications will be considered by a panel formed from members of the Executive Committee of the RNRU; candidates may be invited to interview to constitute a second round of the selection process if deemed appropriate by the panel.
- If required, interviews will be held in the forenoon of Wednesday 19 October 2016, with a decision communicated no later than Friday 28 October 2016. Please indicate on your application if you are unable to attend or foresee potential difficulties in attending on the planned date for interviews.