RN(W) Players Nominated for Englnad Academy Trials

5 Players from the RN Ladies team have been nominated for England Academy Trials. AB Sam Alderson (HMS Scott), Lt Charlotte Fredrickson (COMUKTG), AB Stacey Hargrave (HMS Richmond), LWtr Lauren Morton (RNPDT&MC) and SLt Helen Stevenson (HMS Collingwood) have all been put forward for trials that are taking place on 29 Sep 13 by Head Coach, Lt Dominic "Bali" Salisbury (INM) who said, "I chose these players as I believe that they have the talent and ability to represent the RN at the academy level and beyond". This is the first time that the RNRU have nominated players for trials. Both the Army and RAF are already represented at this level and it is hoped that these players will demonstrate the high calibre of rugby that is played in the RN. Should the players be successful, they will be invited to join a regional academy squad with a number of training sessions and matches taking place later in the season. RN(W) Chairwoman, Lt Cdr Kirsty Marlor (RAF Cosford) said, "I am very proud that we have players who have been nominated to represent the RN at these trials. All these Ladies have worked very hard to reach this standard and I think that these trials are a fantastic opportunity for them to show that they are able to perform at the highest level."