RN(W) 5 - 17 Trojans

Some new players were involved for the RN(W) for this fixture against a very well drilled Trojans RFC.

The game started badly for the RN(W) and a failure to claim a restart and some uncharacteristically poor tackling allowed the strong running Trojans backs to score a try within the first minute. 0-5.

Having got over that initial shock the RN(W) team, captained by Lt (Charlotte) Fredrickson (COMUKMARFOR) put that setback behind them and started to play some decent rugby. Although under pressure at the scrum, Lt (Paula) Bennett - Smith (NATO NORTHWOOD) worked hard to continually get over the gain line, putting in the hard yards in tight rucking phase play. The RN(W) girls maintained possession well and whilst asking questions of the Trojans' defence could not make an incisive break.

Trojans' superiority at the set piece told in the 16 min as their competent back line showed good handling skills to score a try, unconverted to make the score 0 -10.

The Navy's heads did not drop however and they continued through NAAH (Caroline) Penrose (RNAS Culdrose) and LAET (Pam) Williams (702 NAS) to attack close to the fringe defence, and with the support of the pack continued to drive the Trojan's defence back, gaining penalties in the process. Quick taps were an effective weapon employed by ‘Man of the Match' Logs (Lauren) Morton (HMS Nelson) as she looked to speed up the pace of the game by running into the heart of the Trojan's pack, always making in-roads to get over the gain line. Morton was rewarded by her efforts and scored a very good try after 30 mins to make the score. 5 -10.

The beginning of the second half saw an antirational battle up front with neither pack giving an inch. Strong defence by both sides but particularly good tacking by LAWT (Emma) Swinton (HMS Collingwood) on the left wing continued the stalemate, as neither side could find a try to get any sort of advantage.

There was excellent work done by LStd (Helen) Ing (DNPERS PDT) at full back as she made covering tackles and with ball in hand always her first instinct was to run, find space, making good breaks in the process.

The Trojans' continued to make rolling subs and their straight running backs conjured up a well worked try at the 70 min which was converted 5-17. 

The brutal nature of the close quarter exchanges meant Bennett-Smith was replaced, suffering an injury, by Lt (Helen) Stevenson (HMS Collingwood) who made an immediate impact with her play at the base of the scrum, work at the breakdown and with ball in hand.

Coach POMA (Chris) Jones (HMS Nelson) applauded the girls' efforts particularly in defence and said ‘Trojans had to work very hard for their victory and this now sets the Navy Women up for a very challenging fixture against the Marine Nationale Feminines on Wed 3 Apr in Portsmouth KO 3 pm.


1 LAET P Williams (702 NAS)

2 MA A Risker (KEOGH Barracks)

3 LAC E Park (HMS Collingwood)

4 NAAH C Penrose (RNAS Culdrose) (Vice Capt)

5 AET K Broadbere (RNAS Yeovilton)

6 PO Z Beer (RAF Digby)

7 AET Z Harrop (RNAS Yeovilton)

8 Lt P Bennett-Smith (NATO Northwood)

9 Logs L Morton (HMS Nelson)

10 POETWE S Jenkins (HMS Collingwood)

11 LPT A Marshall (HMS Nelson)

12 Lt C Fredrickson (COMUKMARFOR) (Capt)

13 LSC F Greene (HMS Illustrious)

14 LAWT E Swinton (HMS Collingwood)

15 LSTD H Ing (HMS Nelson)

16 Lt H Stevenson (HMS Collingwood)

17 AET L Christie (702 NAS)

18 NNS A Kightley (DSHE)

19 AET K Briggs (RNAS Yeovilton)