Win Not "Torbay" For Mariners


RN Mariners


Torbay Sharks

The Sharks bite was deadly for the Mariners in Torbay as they were deated in their final warm up game before Inter Services.

Line Up
1. PO Andrew John
2. LH Chris Ellor
3. PO Peter Kewn
4. LT Ian Scovell
5. CPO Chris Thompson
6. PO Kali Junior
7. CPO Ollie James
8. LT Tiny Richardson
9. PO Ryan Cox
10. LT Dane Smallbone
11. AB Peleki Sadole
12. PO Phil Parsell
13. LAET Colin Campbell
14. CPL Semi Tabanivesi
15. LH Paul Saberton (c)

16. CPO Peter Manning
17. NA Duncan Fraser
18. PO Chris Hart
19. PO Peter Erne
20. SGT Jaz Parsons
21. AB (D) Lee Harris-Joce
22. LAET James Pickles