RNW v Plymouth Albion Ladies


RN Womens XV


Plymouth Albion

The RN(W) faced Plymouth Albion Ladies on Wed 19 Feb at a very wet Rectory.  From the start, Albion started strongly scoring 2 tries within the first 10 minutes.  However, the RN(W) fought back with a try from Navy No 12 LLogs Lauren Morton (RNPDT&MC) that came from a period of sustained Navy pressure.  The next period of play saw both sides being very closely matched.  Albion put in some good attacking runs but the Navy defensive line held strong.  The Navy pushed forward with some good runs by Navy Captain, POET(WE) Sarah Jenkins (HMS Collingwood) supported by the forward pack.  The Navy won a penalty in the Albion 22 in front of the posts and elected to kick.  AB Sam Alderson (HMS Scott) stepped up but missed.  The Navy followed up the kick and forced a line out 5m from the line.  LMA Kate Parkman (HMS Sultan) took the ball and the Navy followed up with a maul.  Unfortunately, the Navy were prevented from scoring.  Halftime Score: RNW 5 - 12 Plymouth Albion.
The Navy restarted the game in deteriorating conditions.  Navy replaced Lt Laura Blagdon (HMS Sultan) and MA Imogen Brown (RNAS Culdrose) with NA(SE) Chess Morton (RNAS Culdrose) and MA Nikki Elvidge (MDHU Derriford/Keogh Barracks).  Both teams seem evenly matched at the start of the second half.  Elvidge immediately made an impact with some strong kick chasing and fearless tackling.  In the driving rain, the Navy built an attack up the pitch with good play from Lt Helen Stevenson (HMS Ocean) and NA(AH) Caroline Penrose (HMS Ocean).  Albion fought back and put pressure on the Navy defence and some slick passing and strong running led to them scoring a try.  With 20 mins to go, Navy made a substitution - ET(ME) Sophia Dockerty (HMS Tyne)  replaces Penrose.  With the conditions taking their toll, the Navy continued to battle but the Plymouth Albion attack was relentless.  Some good tackling from Navy scrumhalf Mid Olivia Critchley (DTUS Trojan Sqn) and MA Kayla Hoppin (MDHU Derriford/Keogh Barracks) slowed the Albion attack but Albion manage to score in the last play of the match.  At full time: RNW 5 - Plymouth Albion 27.
RNW Chairwoman, Lt Cdr Kirsty Marlor (RAF Cosford) said, “I was very proud of the performance of the Ladies tonight.  They battled against a tough opposition in horrible conditions and still managed to delivery many of the elements that the coaching team asked.  Hopefully this will put them in a good position for the French Navy game in a few weeks time”.
Forward of the Match:  Lt Victoria Percival
Back of the Match: Mid Olly Critchley
 Lt Victoria Percival (MOD Abbeywood)
LAC Emily Park (Vice Capt) (HMS Collingwood)
LMA Kate Parkman (HMS Sultan)
NA(AH) Caroline Penrose (HMS Ocean)
NNS Alice Kightley (DSHE)
MA Kayla Hoppin (MDHU Derriford/Keogh Barracks)
Lt Charlotte Fredrickson (COMUKTG)
Mid Elle Bloor (DTUS Trojan Sqn)
Mid Olly Critchley (DTUS Trojan Sqn)
POET(WE) Sarah Jenkins (Captain) (HMS Collingwood)
MA Imogen Brown (RNAS Culdrose)
LLogs Lauren Morton (RN PDT&MC)
Lt Lizzie Grant (HMS Drake)
Lt Laura Blagdon (HMS Sultan)
AB Sam Alderson (HMS Scott)
ET(ME) Sophia Dockerty (HMS Tyne)
MA Nikki Elvidge (MDHU Derriford/Keogh Barracks)
NA(SE) Chess Morton (RNAS Culdrose)
Lt Helen Stevenson (HMS Ocean)
Images supplied by RN(W)