RN Womens XV v Paignton Ladies


RN Womens XV


Paignton Ladies

On 1 Dec 13, the RN(W) faced Paignton Ladies for their first match of the season.  The match was the culmination of a busy training weekend based at CTCRM Lympstone.

The Squad got together on Friday afternoon and Head Coach, Lt Dominic “Bali” Salisbury (INM) started with a strength and conditioning session. The Saturday morning saw the team face the RM Endurance Course, which was challenging particularly given the temperature of the water. As well as the team, 3 members of the TSG took part: Lt Helen Edwards (RNAS Culdrose), POMA Chris Jones (Keogh Barracks) and NA(AH) Chris Ellor. Many squad members faced their fears and conquered the sheep dip and at the end of it (and once feeling warm again) a great sense of achievement was experienced! This team building event set the squad up for an afternoon of focussed rugby training.

At 1400 on 1 Dec both teams set up ready for the match. Navy 10 and Captain, POET(WE) Sarah Jenkins (HMS Collingwood) kicked off. Immediately the Navy put pressure on Paignton and kept the play well inside the Paignton half. The first line out of the game saw SLt Helen Stevenson (HMS Collingwood) steal Paignton ball and set up the Navy for another attack towards the Paignton line. Despite having to play under 19 rules, the Navy scrum was strong and this enabled MA Amy Risker (Southwark Park) to hook the Paignton ball. However, despite the ongoing Navy attacks, the Paignton defence stayed strong. New players MA Nicky Elvridge (Keogh Barracks) and Lt Lizzie Grant (HMS Drake) both demonstrated why they were selected to start, with darting runs through the Paignton defence. Finally, the Navy found the gap and POAET Pam Williams-Wilson (702 NAS) scored the opening try of the game. Jenkins scored the conversion meaning the Navy led by 7 points. Due to injuries to Paignton players, the RN(W) loaned them SLt Aimee Sadler (HMS DUNCAN) and Lt Amy Blower (HMS MERSEY) in order that the game could remain at 15s. Half time score: Paignton 0 – 7 RN(W).

At half time, the coaching team took the opportunity to make some changes with LLogs Lauren Morton (RNPDT&MC) replacing new player SLt Laura Blagdon (HMS Sultan) in the centres and LMA Kate Parkman (HMS Sultan) returning to the pitch to even the numbers.

Whilst Paignton started strongly, a Navy scrum on half way allowed Morton to find the gap and attack the Paignton line before passing to Stevenson to score the second try of the game which was converted by Jenkins. Paignton fought back and some good tackling by Vice Captain, LAC Emily Park (HMS Collingwood) prevented them from making headway. With the Navy back on the attack, Jenkins puts in an excellent chip over the top allowing Morton to score her first try of the game. Throughout the remainder of the match, the Navy built on the solid foundations already established and this allowed the Navy to score 4 more tries, with Elvridge scoring on her debut. In the dying moments of the game, Paignton took advantage of a lapse in concentration by the Navy defence, using a quick tap penalty by Navy player Sadler to set up their try. Final score Paignton 5 – 47 RN(W).

RN(W) Chairwoman, Lt Cdr Kirsty Marlor (RAF Cosford) said, "Throughout this weekend, there has been a fantastic atmosphere around the Squad. The players are looking fitter than ever before and it was brilliant to see a good performance on the pitch. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come this season."

Forward of the Match:  MA Amy Risker.
Back of the Match:  MA Nicky Elvridge.


1 – POAET Pam Williams (702 NAS)
2 – MA Amy Risker (Southwick Park)
3 – LAC Emily Park (HMS Collingwood) (Vice Captain)
4 – SLt Katie Ives (HMS Collingwood)
5 – NNS Alice Kightley (Defence School of Heathcare Education, Birmingham)
6 – LMA Kate Parkman (HMS Sultan)
7 – NA(AH) Caroline Penrose (HMS OCEAN)
8 – SLt Helen Stevenson (HMS Collingwood)
9 – Mid Olivia Critchley (DTUS Trojan Sqn)
10 – POET(WE) Sarah Jenkins (HMS Collingwood) (Captain)
11 – Lt Lizzie Grant (HMS Drake)
12 – MA Nicola Elvridge (Keogh Barracks)
13 – SLt Laura Blagdon (HMS Sultan)
14 – MA Bethan Middleton (HMS Drake)
15 – LPT Andrea Marshall (HMS Sultan)
16 – ETME Sophia Dockerty (HMS TYNE)
17 – SLt Aimee Sadler (HMS DUNCAN)
18 – Mid Elle Bloor (DTUS Trojan Sqn)
19 – Lt Amy Blower (HMS MERSEY)
20 – MA Imogen Brown (RNAS Culdrose)
21 – LLogs Lauren Morton (RNPDT&MC)