RN West Command RFC v Peninsula Medics RFC


RN West Command RFC


Peninsula Medics RFC

With the Inverdale Challenge fast approaching and after a disappointing competition last year the RN West team have started their preparations early in the hope of promoting the competition and in an attempt to capture as many competitive players in the area as possible.

Their first test was against The Peninsula Medics RFC, who in turn were using the fixture as part of their preparations for their annual charity match against the Royal Marines at Brickfields.  Through unforeseen circumstances the majority of the Medics team were unable to attend the fixture at the last minute which forced the decision for the game to be ruled ‘uncontested’.  Regardless of this the fixture was fiercely contested despite a wet and miserable evening in the South West.

The first half started at a frantic pace for the West and they forced the Medics back from the outset, so much so that they crossed the white wash within the first 2 minutes.  AB Weale joined the attack from full back and ploughed through a gap in the Medics' defence after the West forwards had vented their frustrations by working patiently through numerous phases.  Weale converted his own score to give the West a very early 7-0 lead and it looked as if it was going to be a very one sided affair.  The continuous downpour made the surface and ball very slippery and this was to affect both teams, causing countless knock ons through spillages and handling errors, although this did not deter the teams as they continued to play counter attack rugby.  Despite their efforts the Medics found themselves camped deep in their red zone for the majority of the first half.  ET(ME) Williams and LReg Lewis were pulling the strings at 9 and 10 and debutant LCpl Wilson-Bent impressed early on with his hard running and tackling.  Before the end of the half the West ran in 2 more unanswered tries but failed to convert them.  The weather definitely slowed the game down however the West continued to attack and to their credit the Medics worked extremely hard in defence to keep them at bay.  The half time score was RN West 17 – 0 Peninsula Medics.

The half time team talk focused upon the strategy for the West for the second half.  The plan was to relax and control the game, dictate the pace, reduce the penalty count and enjoy the remainder of the match.  All of the replacements were made and as the rain fall increased both teams were ready for the second half.

It started as the first finished with the West forcing the Medics into their own half and making them defend.  This time their defence held strong and the West were struggling to find a way through.  It didn’t take long for the half time talk to escape the thoughts of the West and the game and the weather deteriorated rapidly.  However the West managed 2 more unconverted tries against a strong-spirited Medics team who certainly went down with a fight and the game finished 27 – 0.

This was a good test for the West who will be looking to build on this victory against Paignton RFC on Wednesday 19 October.

1.  AB Marsh                       MS Raleigh
2.  AB Priestly                     HM Submarines
3.  AB Fowler                      HMS Scott
4.  AB Skinner                     HMS Argyll
5.  AB Lindsay                     HMS Raleigh
6.  MNE Lewis                     539 AGRM
7.  SGT Strickland               29 CDO Citadel
8.  AB Hughan                     HMS Raleigh
9.  ETME Williams               HMS Somerset
10.  LReg Lewis                   HMNB Devonport
11.  ETME Townsend           HMS Argyll
12.  LCpl Wilson-Bent         29 CDO Citadel
13.  MNE Hall                      539 AGRM
14.  AB Perrett                     HM Submarines
15.  AB Weale                     HMS Vivid
16.  MNE Flynn                   1ASRM
17.  LH O’Connell                HMS Raleigh
18.  AB Grogan-Edwards    HMS Raleigh
19.  AB Beattie                    HMS Echo
20.  LCH Roberts                HMS Raleigh

Match Report by POPT Sims