RAF Brize Norton Buccaneers v The Royal Navy Medical Services


The Royal Navy Medical Services


RAF Brize Norton Buccaneers

The Royal Navy Medical Services played a friendly fixture against RAF Brize Norton Buccaneers, the first fixture the RNMS has played against an RAF team. Brize Norton, who are currently in the middle of a successful season and have won the RAF stations cup recently, were obviously going to be tough opposition for a RNMS side recently struggling for numbers. 

The hosts were kind enough to agree to a later KO of 1500 from the original 1400 to allow the RNMS players to get there in time.  With little preparation, the RNMS lads took to the field in brand new kit.

Lead by skipper LMA (Sam) Winfield,  or 'Winnie', the RNMS started the half with a good kick off from MNE Craig Galloway, which instantly put the pressure on the hosts. Good defensive line and pressure on Brize saw the RNMS camped in their 22 early on the game. Unable to capitalise on the field position, the ball was lost and the hosts cleared their lines.  Good play from the RNMS saw them back in the 22 and this time winning a penalty in front of the posts.  Winnie opted to take the points and Galloway slotted over for the RNMS to take the lead 0-3.  A statement made by the RNMS that despite their lack of time together,  they meant business. However, it wasn't long before the well drilled hosts began to show their talents and overturn the pressure; the tables were turned. 15 minutes down the RNMS were on the back foot and this was the case for the remainder of the half.  Displaying good defence in the first and second phase of play the RNMS worked hard. However, the hosts were able to score a couple of tries in the remainder of the first half through good support, quick ball and good passing.  The score at half time being 33-3.

RAF Brize Norton took no prisoners in the second half and it was soon clear that the well drilled Brize side was the stronger team. The RNMS worked hard and with the ball in hand looked dangerous. Some good recycling of the ball saw the RNMS put the Buccaneers under pressure once again, as in the first half, but the Brize defence stayed strong and eventually they cleared the ball.  The Brize Norton set pieces began to take their toll on the RNMS, particularly in the scrum and the hosts were able to score 8 minutes into the second half.  The Brize scrum continued to punish the RNMS and once again a strong defensive effort from the RNMS held them off during first and second phase, however the quick hands and support play from the hosts continued to prove to much for the RNMS.  

Final score 52-3. The score was no reflection of the hard work the RNMS put into the game but it did reflect a well deserved victory for a gracious RAF Brize Norton. 

Team List

LMA S Winfield (CTCRM) (Captain)
MA K Chapman (40 CDO RM)
RAF Brize Norton Player (Loaned for safety in the scrums)
PONN P McColgan (RCDM)
MA S Cairns (RNAS Yeovilton)
MNE (MA) B Dixon (DMS Whittington)
MA C Dunn (DMS Whittington)
Lt C Nicholson (RNLA Collingwood)
MA Shaun Boyd (DMS Whittington) (Rep MA B Wilson (DMS Whittington))
MNE (MA) C Galloway (DMS Whittington)
MNE (MA) B Walsh (DMS Whittington)
CPONN P Hornsey (DMS Whittington)
POMA C Jones (DMS Whittington) (Vice Captain)
MA J Savage (DMS Whittington))
LMA P Shaw (RM Poole)