HMS Ocean vs The 1 st Battalion Coldstream Guards


HMS Ocean


Battalion Coldstream Guards

A murky Wednesday saw Devonport Services hold its own Army vs. Navy fixture with HMS Ocean taking on what is hoped to be the first of many fixtures against the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards. Despite being in a busy refit period Ocean produced a strong starting fifteen and also had the reassurance of a powerful and packed bench, which would be taken full advantage of through rolling subs.

HMS Ocean had a solid start, maintaining possession and working hard to gain territory against a physical and robust side. On losing possession following a penalty that didn’t make touch, Ocean showed their strength and determination in the rucks to rapidly win the ball back.  Ocean continued to battle the Guards with a mixed bag of possession, but the first points on the board came from full back CHF (Chad) Smith who carried it over in the far corner to put Ocean in the lead 5-0.

HMS Ocean continued to put in a sterling performance, especially in the forwards where they dominated the scrummage, ruck and maul, driving the Guards back at almost every opportunity.  Good pressure from AET (Nathan) Trower maintained territory deep in the Guards’ 22.  Two scrums on the 5m line were driven over the try line but were held up. Despite the Guards kicking out of danger, Ocean were rapidly back over the try line following a well intercepted pass by Smith giving Ocean a confident 10-0 lead.

The game kept a fast upbeat tempo with fresh legs being bought on. A good kick and chase from NA AH (Tom) Scott gave Ocean territorial advantage once again. PO AET (Rob) Jones reacted quickly to secure the ball in an unprotected ruck. The forwards continued to create a good platform for the backs in driving mauls and the line outs. However, the last phase of play for the first half saw the Guards score their first try under the posts, which was converted. 10-7 at half time.

HMS Ocean began the 2nd half with the conviction and determination from the 1st half and gained possession from the kick off. However, the Guards reset and slipped through Ocean’s defence to score first try in the 2nd half, which brought them into the lead 10-12. The restart saw some great pressure from fresh legged winger MNE (Stu) Barker to gsin Ocean a penalty for holding on. The Guards now had the advantage of stamina but Ocean still had plenty of fight. Some epic running from powerhouse LETME (Rab) Seru and hard hitting MNE (Kyle) Cotzee saw the Guards fully tested with challenging tackles being required to stop or slow Ocean down. Nevertheless, the Guards capitalised on Ocean’s mistakes and on gaining possession their speed was evident and a chase the length of the pitch resulted in a 10-19 lead for the Guards.

The Guards continued to push Ocean for the remaining 20 minutes, taking full advantage of a weakening defence. Ocean maintained their ambition to test the Guards with some great side stepping & support play in the back line. The maul also continued to challenge the Guards, however their speed and agility won them the game in the end.

AB (Chris) MacDonald was awarded Man of the Match for Ocean. HMS Ocean can now look forward to a return fixture against a very physical and structured side later this year at Windsor.   

Team List
1 PO SEA Jan Geldard
2 PF AET Rob Jones
3 PO AWT Bill Bailley
4 AET Nath Trower
5 ETME Phil Mitchel
6 NA(AH)Tom Matanatabu
7 AB Chris MacDonald
8 LETME Rab Seru
9 CPL Joe Long
10 MNE Kyle Cotzee
11 LAET Stu Isaksen
12 PO AH Nathan 'Jukebox' Attis
13 AB Rob Fletcher
14 NA(AH)Tom Scott
15 CHF Chad Smith

PO Rob Cousins
ETME Harry Potter
PO Sticky Green
CPO Steve Perry
LT Shane Miller
CHF Eddie Browes
PO Kev Charlton
ETME Loui Fecci
ETWE Bowen
CHF Ned Kelly
MNE Stu Barker