HMS Ocean - Kiel 7's Tournament


HMS Ocean


Kiel 7's

A timely stop off in Kiel for the 'Kiel Week' Sailing Festival, the German equivalent of 'Cowes Week', gave the perfect opportunity for HMS OCEAN’s All Blacks to once again prove their worth on the playing field. As one of the many sporting events being held over the course of the weekend, Rugby 7’s was played at the nearby FT Adler Kiel Rugby Club at Professor-Peters-Platz Ground, offering the ideal location for a good day of rugby in the sun.

Entering two teams, the All Blacks and BaaBaas, if there was ever an opportunity for the ultimate clash, this was it. In a series of matches throughout the day OCEAN would need to work hard together to bring home some much desired silverware for the trophy cabinet.

The opposition had a truly continental feeling with teams from Germany, Denmark, Holland and France taking part.

The first game for the All Blacks saw the usual suspects put on an outstanding display of fancy footwork. With only 14 minutes to intimidate their future opponents they wasted no time in getting the scores on the board. With tries from NA(AH) Scott, AB (Blake) Smith and AB Jones in the first half, it just left a spectacular double tackle and turnover ball from Scott to pass to AET Trower to give them a promising lead of 20-5 at full time.

The BaaBaas started with an equally promising display of great running rugby. A fantastic interception from NA(AH) Matanatabu led to the first score being put on the board by SGT Mennie. Mennie scoring again shortly after and further tries from AB Macunabitu and LA(AH) Phillips gave them a 25-0 lead at half time. Excellent inter play between LET(ME) Laliono and Phillips gave opportunities for WO2 Good and Lt Cdr Adams to increase the gap, both running in tries. The BaaBaas game finished an impressive 35-5 win.

The All Blacks second game of the day came in short succession, still fired up from the previous match and not having time for the full force of the previous day’s socialising to take effect, OCEAN's All Blacks produced a stormer. The first try coming in from a classic AB McDonald side step; followed swiftly by a fantastically taken interception by (Blake) Smith. Smith then set up another try, generously giving the glory to his support runner LAET Isaksen to score. More tries from AB Titmass, Scott & two from Jones left the boys walking away feeling rather smug with a 35-5 win.

Ocean's BaaBaas met their match against the Highlanders in their second game. A brutally physical game with big hits from start to finish, both sides struggling to find space though the defence. Even an epic steam roller ‘Sit Down’ from the unstoppable PO(SEA) Geldard was not enough to break the line and the BaaBaas finished 10-15 down.

Having to then endure a long wait for the next match against a very slick opposition the All Blacks could not keep their focus. Some contentious decisions by the match officials, short tempers and a yellow card saw their dreams of taking on their rivals (the BaaBaas) in the final faded before their eyes as they failed to make it through to the semi finals.

Glory was then solely in the hands of the BaaBaas; the pressure was on. Their third game to secure a place in the Plate Final was won 35-5. Notably PO Baillie scored his first try for OCEAN. In their semi final match they pulled out all the stops with a wealth of tries from Macunabitu, Phillips & Mennie, with no scores from the opposition the first half looked promising. Lt Cdr Fletcher then maked his mark on his debut appearance, intercepting a pass and running the length of the pitch to score his first try before promptly retiring again. A final try from SSgt Bezant gave OCEAN an impressive 40-0 win.

Now through to the final and with the full support of the All Blacks, the BaaBaas put on a sterling performance of fantastic rugby 7’s. Several tries from Phillips and great defence and play from Macunabitu and Adams gave the BaaBaas the lead they were looking for. The final try of the tournament by Sgt Delai gave OCEAN a 25-5 victory and the much sought after Plate.

With both teams playing some fantastic, physical rugby they rounded the day off with some well earned beverages and thanks to the BaaBaas the OCEAN’s trophy cabinet has a little more shine.

Team List


PO AWT Bill Baillie

NA(AH) Tom Matanatabu

LET Max Laliono

PO SEA Jan Geldard

PO AET Rob Jones

Lt Cdr Edwin Adams

Lt Cdr Fletcher

LA (AH) Dan Phillips

AB Shawn Macunabitu

PO Couzens

Sgt Mennie

WO2 Conolly

Sgt Delai

Sgt Hazelman

Sgt Yavala

Sgt Tawawa

WO2 Good

SSgt Bezant


All Blacks

AET Nathan Trower

AB Chris McDonald

NA (AH) Cody Duheaume

NA (AH) Tom Scott

LAET Stu Isaksen

AB Chad Smith

AB Eddy Browes

AB Matty Titmass

PO ET Fuca

AB Jones

AAC Fitzpatrick

AB Blake Smith