HMS Heron Western Region 10s


HMS Heron


HMS Ocean

HMS Heron Rugby worked hard during training in preparation for the 10s tournament at Devonport Services RFC, which was richly rewarded with top of the group during the pool stage and a convincing win the final.

Under a new management, led by LPT Middleton, coached by MNE Beards and captained by AET Hall, the team has gelled together very well and there is a good feeling amongst the players and coaching staff. Training has been upped to twice a week and the team has welcomed a whole variety of new players; the 'club' is very structured as well as a lot of fun, with good numbers each week proving that the players are feeling the benefits and enjoying the new set up.

On the day of the tournament HMS Heron were drawn against HMS Argyle in their first match. After a shaky start from both sides, HMS Heron settled down and started to play some text book 10s rugby, stretching their opponents across the width of the pitch before running in the first of a handful of tries in the first half. During the interval 3 changes were made in the HMS Heron squad, which didn’t affect the second half performance with HMS Heron finishing the game comfortable winners.

Next up in the group stages were RM ASG. This was always going to be a physical encounter and it did not disappoint. Big hits and fast running rugby was displayed by both teams and although there were injuries on both teams resulting in forced substitutions, this didn’t upset the chemistry of the teams. It was a perfectly placed chip over the top that saw HMS Herons winger gather a kind bounce and run in the only try of the game from 25 metres out. Both teams came very close to scoring after but some strong defence kept the score as it was, earning HMS Heron another win.

The last game of the group stage was against HMNB Devonport, who could only manage to field a team of 7; HMS Heron matched their numbers and the game was underway. This was perfect opportunity for HMS Heron to field a fresh look side featuring the newer players. They did not disappoint and ran in 5 tries to ensure HMS Heron finished top of the group and secured their place in the final against HMS Ocean.

Both HMS Ocean and HMS Heron won all of their group stage games and the final was set to be an entertaining event. HMS Heron came out of the starting blocks with their game already raised and after opting to receive the kick off almost instantaneously ran in the first of their tries. With HMS Heron now playing some champagne rugby, HMS Ocean couldn’t get out of their half. With HMS Heron's forwards linking well with the backs and using the full width of the pitch, the opposition’s defence was stretched, creating gaps in their defence to be exploited. The second half saw a few changes, which disrupted Heron for a couple of minutes, but the team soon settle down again to finish the game just as strong as when they started. Final score a 25-7 victory.

All the players and management should be proud of the work rate, passion and level of skill they showed during this tournament and look to build on it for the forthcoming tournament held at HMS Heron on 11th March.

HMS Heron’s Man of the tournament: AET Reynolds

Team List;
1. AET Wilmott
2. MNE Leyshon
3. AET Reynolds
4. AET Richardson
5. PO Jenkins
6. MNE Bright
7. AET McCaughlan
8. AET Taylor
9. AET Menday
10. AET McGregor
11. NA Barnascone
12. NA Williams
13. LAET Clay
14. AET Feasley
15. AET Hall