HMS Daring v Malaysian Dragons


HMS Daring


Malaysian Dragons

HMS DARING RFC played the Malaysian Dragons at the Royal Selengor Cricket club. We were greeted by the Chairman who went by the name of Crazy Mike, or as he is referred to most “Mr Miyagi,” a little Chinese man who was extremely excited to have us at this beautiful venue.

Unfortunately due to injuries, personnel on draft and duty commitments, DARING had an untested rugby team, but one with a lot of talent. Previous Navigator Lt Cdr Will Blackett had returned to the ship and was excited about being able to play for DARING; previously unable to play due to his responsibility as the Navigator onboard, but now he as the Gunnery Officer, nothing could stop him

The game was mainly competed in the scrum, of which DARING, with a new front row absolutely dominated. With a new fitter than before LS Moffatt, AB Bewley and the newly drafted in Ex England under 23’s player, SLT Clayton, the Dragons did not stand a chance in the scrums. Also DARING had the newly drafted LET Bowen playing at No 9, and newly drafted LT Lappin playing No 10; DARING looked like they were going to be unstoppable.

Will Blackett was playing absolutely phenomenal and had definitely be missed in the earlier games, but unfortunately, this was not enough to stop DARING going behind to a Dragons try, but as he had done all season, ET Paterson scored a try but the conversion was missed so the score at half time was 7-5.

Ay half time DARING felt very confident about the fixture, solely because of our physical presence on the field. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Dragons had many subs and utilised them perfectly and in the second half the Dragons ran away with the fixture winning 36-10.

At the same time as the Lads game, DARING’s Ladies team had their first ever game. When they turned up they were under the impression that it would be touch rugby, however, after being offered full contact, they thought “what’s the worst that can happen” and agreed.

Their performance, considering they only had 2 girls that had played before, was fantastic, with everyone jumping in and committing to tackles and were actually holding there own. The Malaysian Dragon’s females team, the only female team in Malaysia, were currently training for the Commonwealth games. The game finished 30-20 so when the girls walked off the pitch they were rightly, very proud of what they had achieved.

On completion both of DARING’s teams were invited to the clubhouse, where they received a most hospitable reception party, and a good night was had by all.