HMS Daring v Hawaii Hurricanes



HMS DARING RFC played the Hawaii Hurricanes near Waikiki beach in Pearl Harbour. This was the first game of the deployment with a newly regenerated team.

The back drop for this match was fantastic, around Diamond point, which is one of Oahu’s most iconic features, along with Waikiki Beach itself.

The pitch was hard and the weather was extremely hot. DARING had been deployed just over a month and was starting to hit the really high temperatures; which meant that the team were not prepared for the dry heat of Hawaii. As for the Hurricanes, a team made up of purely American Samoan Maui’s, they were just finishing their season and were extremely conditioned.

This being said, the first half was extremely close with the Hurricanes getting a try with the last play of the half, but failing to convert.

At half time, a few changes were made, and unfortunately we lost one of our better players to a broken collar bone after receiving a suicide pass from one of the least experienced players.

The Hurricanes managed to score and then convert and were getting a lot of the ball as the heat really started to hit the players, this was until SLT “Gorgeous George” Aldridge intercepted and broke through the Maui’s line and laid of to ET Paterson who went across the line to score between the posts. The kick was missed.

Next, ET Adam Birkett broke through after some great work from LET “Goldie” Golden and went over the line, and then converted the kick.

Unfortunately with the last 10 minutes on the clock, DARING really started to struggle with fitness and the heat and the Hurricanes managed to score and convert 2 more tries with the final score 26- 12 to the Hawaii Hurricanes.

On completion, we were treated to a traditional Maui evening, including a BBQ and beers, all cooked by the families of the players. A great night.