HMNB Portsmouth Beach Rugby Festival


HMNB Portsmouth


HMNB Portsmouth entered the Weymouth Beach 5's Competition having only had a handful of training session after the re-invigeration of rugby within the Dockyard. HMNB Portsmouth is made up of personnel from ships and HMS Nelson making it challenging to maintain a regular squad, with this in mind, the group of players who turned up were full of enthusiasm and looking forward to a days' rugby ahead of them. HMNB Portsmouth were drawn in League 2 facing some strong opposition from HMS Clyde, HMS Seahawk and HMS Triumph.

HMNB Portsmouth had a steep learning curve throughout the league as it was quite apparent that most teams had a strong bond and had been training for a while. HMNB Portsmouth unfortunately finished bottom of the league but learnt valuble lessons within themselves. After completion of the league, the team entered the Cup and Plate competition, with the first match against HMS Seahawk B, the team improved on the recent performance but were unfortunate to end up on the losing side and sent across to the Plate-Side of the Competition.

The next round was the last game for HMNB Portsmouth, the game was against 42 Commando in the Semi Final, again it was the same outcome as the rest of the games, this time narrowly losing out to the Royal Marines. AB Otway top scored for the team contributing to 5 try's. Despite losing every game the boys from Portsmouth were in high spirits having enjoyed an afternoon of rugby on a beach and getting the guns out at every opportunity. HMNB Portsmouth will be looking forward to next years competition.

Team List;

AB Otway ( HMNB P)
L/H Hunt (HMNB P)
L/H Nadavo (HMNB P)
L/H Balenaivalu (HMNB P)
L/H Heming (HMNB P)
AB Wright (HMNB P)
AB Witts (HMNB P)
AB Robert (HMNB P)

This match is part of the ‘You Play We Pay’ initiative.