42 Commando - M Company


42 Commando - L Company

As part of a wider cross sport competition 42 Cdo RM played the annual Rugby 7’s tournament, traditionally the final event of the sporting year. This added to the tension and competitive spirit as 4 of the 6 participating Companies were in contention. The Companies typically consist of around 100 men and the Rugby experience varies from Navy players to complete novices.

The games kicked off with predictable verve and pace. In truth little was given to the fact that this was 7’s with both teams essentially playing 15 aside rugby but with fewer players. Avoiding the wide open space, consistently players ran straight lines into concentrated and determined defences. Big hits and a ferocious tempo were the order of the day early on and this remained the case until the semi finals. While this genre of rugby didn’t suggest a great deal of tactics, it was a magnificent advert for Royal Marines; great physical fitness matched to commitment and endeavour. Regardless of the physicality throughout the day there was no hint of over reaction or retaliation on show.

At the semi final stage Logistics Company played Lima Company and largely due to the presence of two Fijians, Mnes Natabaturu and Kamikamica the game slowed to a more sensible and tactical pace. In fact the two were instrumental during the semi with decisive line breaks and great feet. Both men shared 3 tries but the combined skill and experience of Lima Company players many of whom represent the Unit at 15 aside eventually proved too much. The Lima Company fight back started in the second half with the combined pace and strength of players such as Mne Sutton and Jones and eventually Logs succumbed: the final score 28 – 14.

The second semi was M Company v Command. While the Command team was the bigger and more physically adept, they were no match for M Company who seemed to be building momentum for the final. M Company turned out convincing winners lead superbly by Mne Theaker who used some great lines to cut through the Command defence.

So the final was set. L Company v M Company. Initially it appeared that both teams had learned to slow play down until opportunities presented themselves. As the game went on what became obvious was the organisation of M’s defence was frustrating the flair and pace of L’s runners. It wasn’t long before L broke free, again Mne Theaker with a decisive break on the angle slicing through the defensive line. By half time it was repeated twice and they went in 21 – 0. The second half proved equally fruitless for M as they were unable to break down the opposition defence.
The final outcome was M Company 40 – L Company 0.

This article would not be complete without mentioning another player of note. Mne Glasgow from K Company was often seen on the charge with 3 opposition players hanging off him much to the amusement of the spectators.

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