You Play We Pay

The ‘You Play We Pay’ initiative offers you and your unit the opportunity to raise substantial additional funds, and to promote your rugby club and the sporting energy of your unit. Therefore, to encourage your support for, and participation in, this innovative scheme will help your unit to secure up to £700 (amount reviewed after each season) additional non-public funds from the Royal Navy Rugby Union (RNRU). 

For every rugby match played by your unit, the RNRU will contribute £50 which your unit may draw upon for the purchase of kit and team strips or as a contribution towards the unit’s rugby team tour.  All we ask is that a match report (photos are also encouraged) is raised for the RNRU website following each game or tournament that your unit plays (within a 48 hour period of match/tournament).

So, why is the RNRU running this initiative?

As a Constitute Body to the Rugby Football Union (RFU), the RNRU and alongside their Trustees are charged with delivering against our mission statement: To be fun, relevant, successful and sustainable, inspiring players, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators to enjoy rugby at all levels from mess deck to international, wherever the RN goes, reflecting all that is best in the Service.

So, ‘You Play We Pay’ is intended to encourage - and reward - active participation by all RN and RM units, home and abroad.  It need not necessarily be men’s fifteen-a-side full contact rugby that is played.  7-a-side tournaments, women’s games, tag/touch leagues each might merit a match report for the RNRU website and some cash in return!

To that end there is a need to encourage and nurture participation in the game at unit level - our grass roots.  It is here that we grow and discover the next generation of senior RN players.  But, more importantly, it is the mechanism that allows us to harness all the Core Values of the RFU (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship) to our everyday contribution as members of the Armed Forces.

Match Report Guidance Document

Electronic Match Report