O2 Touch Operator Manual

Welcome to O2 Touch

You are one of the trailblazers helping the RNRU to develop and improve one of the country’s fastest developing sports and to grow the game of rugby.

The incomparable thrill of running with a rugby ball in hand and scoring a try is an experience that many more will enjoy on a regular basis through our new O2 Touch programme!  Regardless of age, gender, ability or experience, touch can be played by everyone and we are looking forward to working with you to bring touch rugby to new players across the Naval Service.

We believe that touch can grow rugby participation and grow the game in our clubs and the communities around them.  Clubs are the lifeblood of rugby in Royal Navy and together, through touch, we can recruit new players, retain existing ones and welcome a new audience to clubs.

The simplicity of touch is its strength. All you need is some people, some space, a ball and you’re away having fun with friends, whilst improving strength, coordination and speed and keeping fit without setting foot in a gym.

Busy lifestyles mean making choices for our precious spare time.  Training every week and playing every weekend may be impractical.  Playing touch means people can enjoy the sport without compromising jobs, studies, family or relationships. With your help we can give people the game they are looking for.

Together with our partners at O2, we really can create a step change in rugby participation.   Touch in your club and clubs like yours, can, with your help and enthusiasm be a real success story.

In the following pages we’ll give you all the information you need to help us write this story.

Thank you for setting out on this exciting journey with us. We look forward to celebrating your success with you along the way.

Please download the full O2 Touch Operators Manual PDF using the link below: